here you have a little list of songs that i listen to a lot. i tried to avoid foreign songs and focused mostly on songs in english. feel free to listen!

this town don't feel mine
i'm fast to get away (far)

prayers (prayers)
laid on the line
you'll never be free
you'll never be free
triangles (triangles)
placed in your mind (placed in your mind)
you'll never be free
you'll never be free

i've lost and found, it's my final mistake
she's loving by proxy, no give and all take

she calls out to the man in the street
he can see she's been crying
she's got blisters on the soles of her feet
she can't walk, but she's trying

i need a friend... oh, i need a friend
to make me happy

not so alone

father, father
we don't need to escalate
you see, war is not the answer
for only love can conquer hate

some are like water, some are like the heat
some are a melody and some are the beat
sooner or later they all will be gone
why don't they stay young?

on the day you arrived...
i became your device...
to lay and soothe.
placed inside, safe and sound
shapes and colors are all I see
shades of colors are all I feel.

can you explain to me... now...
if you're still able...
i think you know the truth
there's a hole in the earth
i'm out

we're alive somewhere else
still asleep someplace new
we're ahead of our time
floating through...
the sky is falling down
this night belongs to you

i watched a change in you
it's like you never had wings
now you feel so alive

но завтра прежний путь я начну с нуля