Deneb Adige (Alpha Cygnus): 11 degrees from midheaven. This beautiful white supergiant star in the tail of the Swan is said to give the power
to develop the mind and the artistic talents, and to become quick at learning and inventing.
No star on the traditional list is within 5 degrees of midheaven. No star on the traditional list is within 10 degrees of midheaven.

i am a teenager living in a place called Transylvania, in an idyllic town in the mountains...

my online persona reflects the way i am in real life to a T,
or at least i'd like to believe that. i'm a bland person,
and i like my own company other than surrounding myself with people.
i tend to isolate often. circumstances forced me to become this way.

i love learning about religions and about eschatology. honestly, i have some kind of obsession with angels.
i believe angelic beings exist (seraphim, cherubim, ophanim, so on..)
and i'm doing my best trying to find proof of it - like orbs
that float in pictures in the night in pics i take with my camera. i communicate with angels through dreams.
i also believe in extraterrestrial life. there's no way we're the only living creatures in such a big universe, right?

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