abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

"As for the rest, who wanted to create their own principles, they have chosen pomp and ceremony, the world of appearances, or banality, or again murder and destruction."

- Albert Camus, The Rebel

5th circle: The Wrathful and Sullen. These souls are submerged into the river Styx, which surrounds the city of Dis. The wrathful emerge from the dirty waters while the sullen are completely submerged.

7th circle: The Violent. Introduced by the Minotaur, this circle is divided into rings:

1) Violent Against their Neighbors (tyrants and murderers). These souls are plunged into a river of boiling blood: the river Phlegethon. They are watched over by the Centaurs.

2) Violent against Themselves (suicides). It is an unnatural forest with leafless trees. These trees are the souls of the suicides. The trees have no leaves because the Harpies keep plucking them as they sprout.

''I thy guide

Will lead thee hence through an eternal space,

Where thou shalt hear despairing shrieks, and see

Spirits of old tormented, who invoke

A second death.''